Dose Prem Protein Basic XSDose Prem Protein Basic SDose Prem Protein Basic M

Complete feed for all carnivorous ornamental fish

Granule sizes XS and S are suitable for rearing young fish.

Just like their wild conspecifics in their natural habitats, the carnivores in your aquarium need energy only raw fat can give them.

The protein fat ratio is well-balanced and makes this feed highly digestible, whilst keeping the water pollution at a minimum.
At the same time, Premium Protein Basic is a great rearing feed for young fish, which can use the energy it contains for growth. Ingredients of the highest quality, enriched with vital trace elements, and an elevated content of vitamin D3 give this food a high bioavailability and can provide for better health of your ornamental fish.
It is highly important to carefully dose this feed so your fish won't get fat. Please feed sparingly even though your fish start begging ... even after being fed for the third time in a row 😉.

Their bellies should be flat after feeding, never rounded and plump. That would be a very clear sign that the fish were overfed!
Feeding small portions several times a day is much more recommendable.

Given that you don't overfeed, your aquarium water will remain crystal clear with this feed since it doesn't contain nitrates and phosphates in mentionable proportions - which also helps reduce algae!

As the name "Protein Basic" suggests, this is a basic complete feed with a high content of protein and fat.
We usually have a mix of carnivorous and herbivorous fish in most social tanks, and our range of Naturefood fish feeds takes this into account: Add other varieties like Premium Plant, Premium Cichlid or soft feeds like Supreme Artemia or Supreme Plant to your feeding schedule to cover all the dietary needs of your fish. All Naturefood feed varieties are availabe in different grains and can sizes.

Provide your aquarium fish with a varied, highly digestible diet, all the - plant- and animal-based proteins they need, with vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements. Our feed range makes composing the right diet for the fish in your tank easy - no matter which species and sizes you keep.

For baby fish, we highly recommend our Premium Protein Starter (for carnivores), or our Premium Plant Starter (for herbivores).

Thanks to its high bioavailability, you only need to feed around half the amount of Premium Protein Basic, just like of all the other Naturefood products, in comparison with the feed granules of other fish food manufacturers.

Fish and fish by-products, grain, oils and fats, minerals.

Analytical constituents:

Crude Protein  55.0%
Crude Fat   13.0%
Crude Fibre     1.0%
Crude Ash       10.0%

Additives per kg:
Vit. A:  22,500 I.U.
Vit. D3:   2,800 I.U.
Vit. E:       300 mg (alpha tocopheryl acetate)

For the subsequent addition of vitamins (additives) we only use sunflower oil which contains the listed vitamins A, D3 and E.

Size of granules:
PREMIUM Protein Basic XS  0,3 - 0,6 mm  - for very small fish up to 3,5 cm
PREMIUM Protein Basic S    0,5 - 0,9 mm  - for fish up to 5 cm
PREMIUM Protein Basic M  
0,7 - 1,2 mm   - for fish from 5 cm

Tub sizes:
25g XS und S
50g XS
55g S, M
105g XS, S, M
200g XS
210g S, M
950g XS, S, M

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