Premium powder food for corals, filter-feeders, young fish and plankton feeders.

Recommended by marine author Joachim Frische!

Naturefood PPREMIUM PLANCTON provides everything phytoplankton and zooplankton feeding fish require. The natural protein/fat ratio in the food reduces the levels of nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium.
A high concentrate of vitamins and xanthines ensure that corals retain their bright colours even after a long time of living in an aquarium. It has been shown the proliferation rates of species such as tubastrea and cerianthid anemones multiply as Naturefood PREMIUM PLANCTON contains a balanced composition of plankton and fishery products which stimulate procreation all year round.

Naturefood PREMIUM PLANCTON is a powder food that swims freely in the water without sinking.

Naturefood - for the love of your fish!

Fish and fish by-products, molluscs and crustaceans, grains, vegetables, oil and fats, algae, minerals.

Analytical constituents:
Crude Protein   54%
Crude Fat          13%
Crude Fibre        3.4%
Crude Ash          8.2%

Additives per kg:
Vit. A (E 672): 158,000 I.U.
Vit. D3 (E 671): 1,000 I.U.
Vit. E 400 mg (alpha tocopheryl acetate)

For the subsequent addition of vitamins (additives) we only use sunflower oil which contains the listed vitamins A, D3 and E.

Size of pellets:
PREMIUM Plancton XXS ca. 0.05 mm powder food

Tub size:
45 g

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