Naturefood’s recipe for success


Naturefood is manufactured as an extrudate and in the form of high pressure pellets.

During the extrusion process the top quality raw materials are heated in the low temperature range (approx. 60°C) at a pressure of approx. 4-6 bar. This gentle process ensures that natural vital substances (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) are largely retained. Ornamental fish food produced in the high temperature range, such as flakes produced at 180°C and conventional pellets, cannot ensure the health of our aquarium fish. Nor can the subsequent addition of vitamins etc. replace the natural variety of vital substances. On the contrary, an oversupply of vitamins causes as many problems as vitamin deficiency.

Only natural food contains all vital substances at the appropriate ratio. It is important that this ratio is not destroyed through excessive heating.
No fish cook their food!
The new high pressure process applies pressure of approx. 40 bar instead of 4 bar.
This enables a lowering of the temperature to below 50°C. This alone is of major importance.

High pressure also grinds the molecular compounds, in particular those of carbohydrates, even more than the extrusion process. This considerably reduces the stress on the fish during the metabolic conversion of food. The amounts fed can be smaller even than when feeding extrudates, as virtually everything that is consumed is also utilised.
This makes high pressure pellets the best current alternative to natural food such as live food and fresh food.

For our Naturefood premium varieties we use predominantly ingredients such as sea fish, crustaceans and shellfish, green meals such as spinach powder or alfalfa, spirulina and other valuable seaweeds, yeasts, high quality micro nutrients (glucans), vitamins, and a number of natural colour enhancers (xanthines) such as astaxhanthine and other seasonally changing raw materials.

A balanced composition of all the ingredients is another part of Naturefood’s recipe for success. Through balanced ratio of proteins and fats your fish obtain the necessary energy from crude fat. This corresponds with natural feeding patterns and reduces the stress of the metabolic process on the fish.

Not only aquarium fish, the plants and the aquarium water are also less affected when feeding Naturefood. The optimum digestive process reduces excretions, and the remaining excretions contain very few nitrates and phosphates.
Even with fewer water changes the water in the aquarium remains clear and nearly free of sediment.
- Algae growth is reduced to a healthy minimum.
- Aquarium plants grow better.

Naturefood also offers one further benefit for you and your purse:
Through feeding Naturefood you need to feed only half of the currently required amounts.


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