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The brand-product Naturefood is started 2002.

In the years prior to that Helmut Keuls former company (importing and trading from aquarium fish) gathered lots of experience about the food-use of those fishes.

The keeping of fishes for trading and import is in nothing to compare with keeping them for hobby. The many times of catching and replacing them, and also the keeping in the in-between company's weakens the fishes severe. The change in food from natural to dried food accelerate this further and weakens them strongly. Illnesses are common and it is depressing when the fishes die time after time and there's nothing you can do about it.

In many years of development he succeed to handle a hole lot of problems with the food, in this way our premium-foods are developed without any commercial goal. But as to expect the interesting of the fish-trading market was woken up, and by this in the year 2003 came the decision to keep our focus only at improving, producing and trading from Naturefood.

The brand Naturefood is already well known in the international market, especially in Europe gaining brand-knowledge. In shops in Germany Naturefood has already gained a good position as top feeding for water animals as an high quality alternative to replace usual products.

We offer our customers complete competent support in questions about feeding of fish and other water animals, especially at an individual base about selling and keeping water animals with the help of our high quality feeding products, witch helps much in keeping up an healthy aquarium-life.

The most important thing for us is a happy aquarium-keeper with help of our premium food, what affects a high customer binding. 

Our Team:

Volker Puttberg

Merchandise and customer-service Europa and Germany


Tel:  0049 (0)2064/54645

Fax:  0049 (0)2064/770563


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