Feeding times

Under natural conditions our ornamental fish eat small amounts of food throughout the day. The only exception are fish eating varieties which occasionally eat a large fish. For a healthy diet this pattern must be taken into account and small and tiny amounts must be fed several times a day.

Because of time constraints fish owners occasionally feed a whole daily ration in one feed. This can cause stomach problems for delicate fish. Digestive problems and gut parasites are possible consequences, which can be frequent in some types of fish. Occasionally, wrong feeding even results in the demise of our fish.

Feeding directions

- Feed 3- 6 times a day and no more than the fish consume completely within 60 seconds

- Use live food or natural food for at least one of the feeds

-  Young growing fish should be fed at least 6 times a day

- Mature fish should have a food free period; e.g. one day a week or two days per fortnight. This simulates natural conditions.

- Always supervise children and visitors who feed the fish to ensure that you are always in control of the ration

- If fish feed too greedily they are overfed


Do not just feed dry food. Ornamental fish require variation for their wellbeing.

Imagine you were always eating the same food. It may be of high quality, contain everything you need and even taste very good. But after a few days you cannot bear the sight of this food any longer, far less bring yourself to eat it. If you nevertheless had to continue to eat it, you would be well from a medical point of view. But in reality, your greatest desire would be for change and would not feel really well at all.

We should not impose this on our fish, even if many manufacturers do not mention this.

We also explained in the previous chapter that natural food is important to keep fish healthy.

The right amount of Naturefood

The content of a tub of Naturefood PREMIUM KRISTALLl weighs about as much as the content of two to three tubs of food flakes. Because of the optimised digestive process the amount of Naturefood required is only 50-80% of conventional food.
This means that one tub of Naturefood PREMIUM KRISTALL should last as long as approximately 4 tubs of conventional food flakes and approximately one and a half times as long as a tub of conventional pellets.

 Aulonocara jakobfreibergi Hongi needs Naturefood Premium Cichlid.

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